Christmas party: fun activities for kids

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s Christmas time! Knock, Knock Christmas is on its way. People are busy with the preparation for parties. Yeah! Kids always like to enjoy parties and all these preparations. So are you looking to prepare your child for this Christmas season? During this festive season, joy and excitement are in the air in every house. So add some spice to your party. Here are some fun activities from the Montessori Chino, CA, team for your kids.

Let’s read it out:

Put the bells on Santa

You can print out the Santa dot from any Christmas dot printable set to enjoy this activity. Additionally, you can use a little dish of bells and a pair of easy-grip tweezers. Children use the tweezers to insert a bell into each of Santa's spots.

Typical Practical Life Transfer Works

The first task uses these gorgeous Holiday Twisted Candy Cane Erasers for a straightforward posting task. Posting is usually a pleasant activity that improves pincer grip and hand-eye coordination. In a holiday handmade candy dish, you could also place a few of these erasers next to an empty coffee creamer container. The bottle is transparent; the youngster can observe the erasers falling to the top as she drops them one at a time. Due to their size, these erasers would also be excellent for handling transfers between bowls.

Take a holiday card photo

So that you have plenty of time to enjoy the holiday season, prepare your family's Christmas card well in advance of the season. Family members should be staged in amusing ways, and there should be smart props and outfit changes. Are there any rooms or areas in your house that could serve as a suitable backdrop? The more creativity, the better! Your yearly Christmas cards, texts to friends, video call backgrounds, and emails to the extended family should all feature the finished image.

Make popcorn garland

Beautiful holiday memories can be created by making Christmas decorations that could pass for edible. Fresh popcorn, cranberries, and string are all you need to construct a spectacular popcorn garland.

Secret Santa

One well-liked custom of sharing gifts at workplaces or groups is "Secret Santa." This is when each member of a group is given the name of another at random and is in charge of buying them a gift without letting them know who their "Santa" is. Check out our list of this year's Secret Santa gift suggestions, which are inspired by Minted!


These are some activities you can enjoy with your kids during this year's Christmas celebration. If you are looking for Child Care Chino CA, our team is here to help. We have a team of experienced to offer you the best services. Here, we are committed to giving the proper care and focusing on the holistic growth of every single child.