Games ideas for kids to enjoy during winter

Yeah! This is especially true during winter freeze days when kids must engage in physical activities or games to keep their bodies warm. During these chilly days, you can’t let your child sit in one place or rest in bed the whole day. That is why here Day Care San Dimas CA team has mentioned some games for your kids to enjoy during the winter. You can try these activities during your holiday or free time.

Let’s read it out:

The ultimate Nurf battle

Building forts, arming the whole family with various Nerf guns and letting everyone play isn't really attractive. However, be cautious and keep anything brittle hidden.

Treasure hunt buried (in snow)

Send your kid off to uncover hidden treasure to let out their inner pirate. Depending on your child's age, bury several items in a snowy location. Tell your children what you have buried (12 toy cars, 15 plastic dinosaurs, etc.). They'll enjoy searching for the prize by digging.

Obstacle Course

For your children, make a winter obstacle course. They can play games like hopscotch, create snowmen, make snow angels, army crawl across the snow, step inside other people's tracks, and more. Invite the children to contribute ideas for what to include. Their suggestions might astound you!

Snowman Slam

Designing a snowman slam for the whole family can be a lot of fun for you. Don't overthink it; this is a non-snow game, and since your infant won't be exposed to the cold, your kids can play it inside the house.

Toe Tic Tac Toe

You could have a lot of fun creating a snowman slam for the whole family. Don't worry too much about it being a non-snow game or that your infant won't get the chills because your kids can play this game inside the house.

Indoor balance beam

In the snow, play a game of tic-tac-toe. The game can be drawn using snow paint, or you can collect sticks, pinecones, and other natural objects. A checkerboard made of snow might also be used for a game of chess or checkers.

Blowing winter bubbles

Take some standard "bubble juice" and some wands outside on a very cold day to admire the beauty that frozen bubbles create. When children watch the frozen forms land in frozen globes or drift through the air, they will ooh and aah. Test their ability to grasp the bubbles in their palms before they pop. To witness an even greater range of frosty bubbles, try different wands.


These are some helpful hints for keeping your little munchkin's body in check, and these games are the best to try to involve your child in winter games activities. If you are a busy or working parent and you don’t have enough time to invest in your child, Preschool San Dimas, CA is the best option for your child's care. We offer the finest services for the betterment of your child's future.