How to teach your kids the joy of giving?

Helping is a good habit, and every child should have this quality. Giving is always a happy feeling, and kids need to feel this happiness. This is just like when we get a gift from someone; it always makes us happy. So this is very crucial to teaching your child the joy of giving. Here we have mentioned some points that will help you to teach your child the joy of giving.

Let’s read them out carefully:

Set your joy in giving to others

Make sure that you will establish your model for giving to others. It is just like giving the gift of love and time to your family and friends in front of your child. It will be beneficial to observe how you make time for your loved one. Avoid whining if you find yourself reluctantly providing your time and effort. This is fairly challenging, given the numerous difficulties that parents face daily. However, if you frequently grumble about giving, your child may learn that giving makes you grumpy and exhausted.

Send handmade holiday cards

Ask that your child create holiday cards for your mail carriers, local public safety, waste management, and police officers for their daily work.

Also, involve your child in your social work and let them see how you help others. Most cities or states organize programs for sending holiday cards and letters to deployed military workers during the holidays.

Your Guiding Mindset

Some kids are aware and generous about things that others may not be. It's similar to other skills that not all children have. Also, we have to teach our kids that being generous needs to be explicitly taught, much like other life lessons (such as tidying their room, saying "thank you," putting the orange juice in the fridge after they've had some, and not drinking from the carton). Focus instead on the chances to encourage your child to develop thoughtfulness rather than dwelling on or projecting negative views about the fact that they are not "naturally" thoughtful people.

Praise your children when they give

Let them know how proud you feel of their giving nature and sacrifice. No matter whether it is a big or small contribution. This will encourage them to do it again the next time.


These are some tips to teach your child the happiness of giving. Day Care San Dimas CA suggests that in the early years, kids can grab things easily, so this is the right time to teach them good manners. If you are busy parents, you can send your child to our preschool in San Dimas, CA, for better care and learning. We have qualified teachers to offer the best services to you.