How to maintain the oral health of your kids?

Many parents face trouble in maintaining the oral health of their kids. They know what to do with their kid’s oral health, but we all know how kids are. Also, we know that oral health is related to the overall health of the body. As parents, this is your responsibility to improve your child’s oral health with excellent oral hygiene practices and smile-friendly habits. In this post, we will discuss some tips that will help you to maintain your child's oral health.

Have a look:

Tell your kids to brush twice a day

Buy a child-size brush for your kids and use the fluoride toothpaste asks them to brush twice a day in the morning and before bed.

Put the tiny smear of fluoride toothpaste, and after some time increase the amount of page at age three. To make it interesting you tie a small ribbon across the head of their toothbrush.

Also, teach your baby proper brushing technique and let them try to do the brushing on their own if they have the dexterity. We must recommend you supervise the kids’ brushing style until the age of eight or when you are confident they are doing it in the right manner. Make sure they are brushing for two minutes each session.


Diet is the main concern of many health problems when it comes to oral health it plays a significant role. Sugary foods and drinks are the main cause of cavities. So this is very crucial to make a healthy diet for your kids and the whole family. Try to avoid sugary food items and don’t allow lots of soda and fruit juice for your child.

Chewing gum can be the best choice for older kids. It can provide benefits, like:

  • Strengthening the jaw
  • Helping produce saliva
  • Washing away bits of food
  • Balancing acid that can cause tooth decay
  • Freshening breath

However, gum that contains high sugar levels can cause cavities. Remember that use a limited amount of sugar gum or only offer them sugar-free gum.

Floss Once a Day

Flossing is key to maintaining oral health for kids and adults as well. It helps to rid of the plaque between the teeth and it can’t be reached with an everyday toothbrush. Plaque develops because of a lack of effective brushing and flossing is becoming the key reason for tooth decay in kids. We must prefer to do this at night before brushing our teeth to make sure all of the bacteria, food debris, and plaque from the day will hit the road.

Final words

These above-mentioned 3 points are the key to improving your kid's oral health. Also, it is recommended that after the age of 3 it becomes necessary to visit the doctor once after every six months to diagnose all the issues related to oral health. If you are a working parent and don’t have enough time to focus on your child and looking for a Preschool in Pomona, CA we are here to assist you.