Six spooktacular Halloween activities for children, from cute to spooky

Halloween can be celebrated in many ways. It can also be observed by visiting pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and, of course, haunted houses.

There are many activities available for the family who would rather spend the day at home, including dressing up for the scary occasion. You can get crafty by constructing a ghost garland or your family costumes. Try a game of Halloween charades, mummy racing, or taking part in an obstacle course you created yourself if you want a more active evening. For more suggestions, see this list of Halloween activities for kids shared by Preschool Pomona, CA teachers.

1. Carve some pumpkins.

Online shoppers may purchase a bag of orange balloons and then stuff them with Halloween-themed surprises (think candy or a silly trinket like a spider ring). Next, using construction paper, create some green leaves that you may glue on the balloon's tie-in point. Then it's game time: all your kids must do to win is trample the balloons.

2. Build Your Candy Bags in a Race

In Child Care centers also, caregivers let kids compete to see who can build the most goodie bags in the quickest amount of time. Let each child select their favorite treat to add to individual goody bags (Ziploc works wonderfully here). The task is suddenly turned into a game. Moreover, you didn't spend the whole night of January 30 making desserts for Jake's class party the following morning.

3. Allow your kids to create their costumes

A store-bought costume is fine, but if you want to make deciding what everyone will wear more of an event, ask your family to choose one item from home and create a costume from there (perhaps supplementing with items bought at a store or crafted). Simple: put on some sheets and a ghost costume. Alternately, dig through your closet and use a bit more ingenuity. Here are some concepts. It's a chance for everyone to be a bit more inventive—and perhaps even end up saving some money.

4. Trade spooky tales

You'll need that one scary story your brother/sister used to tell you when you were little for this task. You can also decide to retell one of these tried-and-true Halloween tales for kids, make one up on the spot, remember one from your past, or do all three.

5. Visit a spooky place

Without visiting a scary home or town, is it truly Halloween? Visit a location where the undead are supposed to reside to get your heart racing.

6. Make Use of That Candy Corn

Everyone despises candy corn, but that doesn't mean we can't come up with creative ways to use it. You may alter the "Minute to Win It" game. These are the guidelines: For each preschooler, a bowl, some chopsticks, and a pile of candy corn are necessary. The clock must be set to 60 seconds. The goal of the game is to see who can pour the most candy corn into the bowl using just chopsticks.