Primary Curriculum

Welcome to the Primary Program, where children aged 3 to 4 embark on an exciting journey of exploration, discovery, and foundational learning. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to nurture and develop the whole child through a well-rounded approach that encompasses practical life skills, sensorial experiences, language arts, mathematics, cultural studies, and the wonders of science.

Practical Life

  • Exploring & Connecting
  • Mastering Movements
  • Caring for Our World
  • Nurturing Personal Growth


  • Stacking & Sorting
  • Color Exploration
  • Open-Ended Creativity
  • Shapes & Shadows

Language Arts

  • Building the Base
  • Exploring Letters and Words
  • Word-Meaning Connection
  • Reading Rockets


  • Seeing & Sizing
  • Building Number Sense
  • Tracing & Reciting
  • Beyond Counting


  • Plant Power
  • Animal Adventures
  • Mapping the Unknown
  • Time Travelers


  • Gravity Champions
  • Magnetic Mysteries
  • Body Detectives
  • Rainbow Alchemists

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